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Green Energy Power High-Tech Enterprises
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About Us

Dongguan Power-Ing New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015, Power-ing is astate level high-techenterprise dedicated toresearch , manufacture and sales of rechargeable lithium ion battery packs.

We have a 10-year working experience teamconcentrating on providing complete energysolution and service for high-power electronicterminal products,  industrial and medical products.
Our products cover the polymer lithium ion battery,cylindrical li-ion battery and aluminium battery which are widely used in electric bicycles,motocycle,electric tools, solar equipment, robotics,medical equipment, UPS and other fields,Most
products are exported to North America , Europeand other market.
Diversified assembly methods
Perfect quality control system
Experienced R&D management team

Performance: the product can provide different performance according to customer's requirement
Specification: the capacity, size and appearance of the product can be set according to the customer's requirements
Features: according to the user's environment and local certification standards,we provide the products with extreme operating conditions
Strategy: not limited to the provision of regular products, but will allocate product performance, specifications, characteristics, customized to meet customers' different needs
Quick response:
Powxper respond to customers' urgent and changeable needs with the fastest speed
Project manager and customer service team offer personal butler style service

The sales managers coordinate the customer business needs, determine the terms of the transaction, the price, the quantity of orders, the forecast demand time, etc
The project managers listen to customer technical requirements, make the product plan, coordinate the internal resources, and create the samples for the customer in the shortest time
From demand confirmation, design determination, to sample production, test verification, to mass production, the whole product development and management process is smooth and rigorous
Strive to bring friendly and comfortable experiences to our customers


Contact Us




Contact Person: Susie Gao
Tel: +86 13751426524
Fax : 0769-26620381
Hand phone: +86 13751426524
E-mail: susiegao@power-ing.com
ADD:  No.23, Golden Lake Industrial Park, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, GuangDong Province, China