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Lithium ion battery,18650 Battery,Rechargeable batteries,Lithium battery,Battery pack,Rechargeable battery manufacturer
Lithium ion battery,18650 Battery,Rechargeable batteries,Lithium battery,Battery pack,Starting Li-ion Battery Packs

Power-Ing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Power-Ing is a high-tech green energy enterprise dedicated to research and development, sales of rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack packaging and system integration. The company has a 10 years working experience in battery field sales, technical and management team, concentration of high-power electronic terminal products and industrial, medical supplies.
We also purchase related electronic products for agents of the United States, sell various kinds of electronic batteries, provide customized services.
We reinforce pushing forward in our own marketplace, simultaneously, pursuing cooperation among nations actively, and by now, we have set up agent selling system in USA, Japan, Thailand and so on.
Also welcome everyplace area City to have property dint in the meantime act for sale with lithium-ion battery cooperation of wholesale dealer.


Electrical self-balance car battery

Long life, Large power, It can be used in the different road conditions and environent.

UPS battery

According to the requirements of customers, flexible design of battery structure and power, to meet customer equipment applications.

Power Tools battery

The pack has small size, large energy density, can be used in family and professional tools.

Starting Car battery

Large energy density, Light weight, Long cycle life. The pack is used to replace the lead-acid battery.

Power Bank

The pack has different shapes and different capacity. It can charge for the various mobile devices and meet user emergency use.

Solar storage Battery

The pack can store the solar energy. To meet the customer requirement, we can design different capacity.



Diversified assembly methods
Perfect quality control system
Experienced R&D management team


Performance: the product can provide different performance according to customer's requirement
Specification: the capacity, size and appearance of the product can be set according to the customer's requirements


Powxper respond to customers' urgent and changeable needs with the fastest speed
Project manager and customer service team offer personal butler style service



Dongguan Powxper New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, a manufacturing and trading combo, produce and export lithium batteries with more than 10 years experience.



[Company Show] Powxper new energy apply for lithium battery patents successfully

We have been focused on researching and designing the program of a variety of lithium battery, and we have a team of 10 years on R&D experience. Our main products are a variety of lithium batteries and used in E-bike, balance car, E-scooter, garden tool and so on; Our material suppliers are Samsung,



[Lithium Batteries' Certificates] Company Through The SGS Company Field Inspection Certification

The company has passed the on-the-spot investigation of SGS, and the investigation personnel have carried on the related appraisal to the company's product, the research and development ability and the sale aspect, the company has received the SGS authentication certificate in 2016/11/15.



[Lithium Battery NEWS] Make A Battery with Gilsonite and The Charging Rate Is 10 to 20 Times Faster

The use of gilsonite may make the charging rate of a high capacity lithium metal battery 10 to 20 times faster than that of a commercial lithium ion battery.



[Lithium Battery NEWS] The rapid rise of the lithium industry

In 2007,China’s planning capacity of power battery has exceeded 170GWh. It is estimated that by 2018, the output value of China’s lithium battery cell will reach 144.8 billion yuan. The power battery industry has become a new growth point of China’s national economy. At the same time, the fast risin





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